Bad Breath Cure Tips

We have all come across people with bad breath and secretly judged them for it. An unpleasant smelling mouth definitely doesn’t make the best impressionbut have you ever wondered how your breath smells? Here’s a little about bad breath that may help you learn something new about yourself!

Bad breath or Halitosis is basically the unpleasant odor of breath. It is usually caused by the accumulation of bacteria in a person’s mouth as a result of gum disease, food or plaque. Most people with this condition are unaware of its existence and other people around them may be too embarrassed to say anything.


To give you a better understanding of bad breath, here’s a list of the causes of bad breath

One of the reasons for bad breath is the bacteria that normally live in the mouth and interact with food particles, blood, tissues etc. To create unpleasant smelling sulfur compounds. So it’s really important to follow the ‘Brush- Floss- Rinse’ routine to ensure you’re cleaning your mouth properly.


A few mouth conditions can also worsen the growth of bacteria in your mouth, hence causing bad breath.  Two such conditions are gum disease and dry mouth; Bloody gums caused by gum disease create more elements for bacteria to decay, and dry mouth results in less production of saliva further leading to bad breath.


Another cause for bad breath is the intake of foul smelling foods like onions, garlic, alcohol and tobacco. They don’t only make your breath smell unpleasant, but the byproducts also enter your bloodstream, which results in your actual breathing out the stench through your lungs.

People on a high-protein, low-carb diet shouldn’t be surprised if they suffer from bad breath. These diets burn stored fats instead of carbs, building ketones in the body- some of which are released through the breath and ketones are notorious for their bad smell.

People often take bad breath very lightly, but the truth is it could even be a symptom of a more serious illness like diabetes or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. So if you have even the slightest doubt, don’t hesitate from going to a doctor.


 Bad Breath Cure :

There are many ways to avoid and cure bad breath. Here are few of the most effective ways of doing it-

Drinking ample amount of water daily will help you prevent or get rid of bad breath. Keeping your mouth moist is the best way to keep your saliva balanced resulting in the prevention of bad breath.

Another way to prevent bad breath is by avoiding strong tasting foods like onions, garlic, alcohol and tobacco. Try eating fruits like cranberry, which may help eliminate foul smells.

If you’re somebody who’s been on diet, the only way to fight the unpleasant smell from ketones is the consumption of carbs.

If, despite everything, your bad breath continues to stay, you may want to see a doctor in case of any serious diseases.

The most basic and essential way of avoiding bad breath is by following a strict oral care routine. The way to do that is brushed, floss and rinse away with Listerine mouthwash.




All these years’ people have always associated oral care with only brushing their teeth. Today, let’s take a step back and forget these conventions. Take a moment to think of all the things you put in your mouth every day…Not all of it is healthy, is it? You know what’s troubling is not only the fact that we eat so many things that aren’t exactly good for oral hygiene but the fact that there are more than a million germs left behind in your mouth, even after brushing! These are the germs which if not cleaned properly infect your mouth causing bad breath, or other mouth related diseases.

You may feel like you’ve been extremely hygienic when it comes to oral health- but the truth is that brushing your teeth doesn’t let you reach many corners in your mouth, the only way to reach them is by following the Brush- Floss – Rinse routine. It is extremely important that one goes through this routine and keeps their mouth healthy on a daily basis.

Brushing and flossing your teeth correctly is restricted to cleaning food articles or germs only on and between your teeth but have you wondered what happens to the germs in the rest of your mouth? These germs will remain in your mouth and could lead to bad breath, dry mouth and other such diseases. Making it extremely important to get rid of most of them if not all. That’s when rinsing comes in the picture; to help you complete your oral care routine. Here’s why you should use a mouthwash: An oral mouthwash will enable you to wash away the germs which brushing and flossing alone can’t reach. Using an oral mouthwash as a part of your oral health care routine on a daily basis will improve your oral health drastically.

Speaking of oral mouthwash, many people wonder which one is the best mouthwash to use. With so many in the market it’s hard to select one. Although the choice is very clear for me – it’s always been Listerine®. It cleans virtually 100% of the germs in your mouth as compared to only brushing your teeth that covers less than 25% of your whole mouth. I also like the fact that Listerine® has variants to choose from. So depending on your requirement you can choose the oral mouthwash you want.

The one I’ve been using off late is their newest flavour- Listerine® Cavity Fighter Mouthwash. It has a  Flouride protective shield which protects your teeth from Cavities and other mouth related problems. What’s more is, it doesn’t leave a funny after taste like many other mouthwash do. On the contrary it leaves your mouth feeling extremely fresh and smelling amazing.

Keeping your mouth healthy may seem very elementary but the reason I’ve written about one of the simplest and most basic habits in our everyday lives is that many people do not realize the importance of it. A healthy mouth is directly proportional to a healthy body. It’s essential that in our busy lifestyle we take out a few minutes to ensure our mouth is clean and healthy.

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